America To Ban Chinese Short Video Maker App TikTok, Suspects Snooping.

America To Ban Chinese Short Video Maker App TikTok
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United States Government heading toward banning the Chinese short video maker app TikTok. The House of Representatives asked all the staff to remove Tiktok as they suspect that managing their data from China can increase the risk related to securities.

Catherine Szpindor the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the House of Representatives warned the officials of the House that TikTok won’t be working on the devices issued house to the officials working for the house.

 As per the “Cyber Advisory” issued by House, no staff and representative can download and use Tiktok on the phone or other device issued by House. As they suspect that Bytedance stores the data in china which may be used to manipulate the Government.

As mentioned in the advisory TikTok is able to collect personally identifiable data and data related to your devices such as Location, Device Mapping, Calendar, Contacts, Images, and Device Storage. It can also access your Device serial number, SIM card serial number, WiFi network name, MAC address, phone number, and the list goes on. Which can be used to snoop on important people.   

While Bytedance denied the claim and said they don’t store data from U.S. users in China instead they store it in America and Singapore.

This decision came before TikTok got banned all over the U.S.  The bill was passed by congress last week to ban the use of TikTok all over the United States. It will come into effect when president Joe Biden approves it.

TikTok is already banned in some other countries like India, for reasons similar to the what U.S. House said about it.

The short video-making app TikTok was a huge hit among youngsters may be because of its flexibility to help user to use different features and services to create a fun short video that includes music and filters.

Millions are using TikTok around the world some use it for fun some of them use it for learning and sharing information through short videos.

It has the ability to recommend videos to users based on their age, location, and interests. And has easy to use interface which anyone can use to create videos.

Which earned creators millions of followers. Some creators found ways to earn money by creating short videos such as influencers. You earn through brand collaboration and promotions.

Though Banning TikTok can upset creators however there are several other alternatives are available nowadays such as Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts.  



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