Cristiano Ronaldo’s Dream Of Winning FIFA World Cup For Portugal May Never Come True.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Dream Winning FIFA World Cup 2022
Image credit - Gunther Simmermacher/ Pixabay/Cristiano Ronaldo

After the tragic defeat of Portugal’s National Football Team with Morocco, Portugal’s dream of winning the FIFA world cup 2022 comes to an end. Morocco Won against Portugal with a 1-0 score.

But what is more tragic than this is this could be the last appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup. And his dream of winning the highest cup in football for his home country may never come true if he doesn’t appear in the next world cup.

After being benched by the Portugal team’s coach Fernando Santos in the quarter-finals against Morocco Ronaldo’s appearance ended in the FIFA World Cup 2022. “I don’t regret my decision,” said Santos.

This was the fifth time Ronaldo played in a World Cup tournament for his home country in 16 years of his career. He scored 8 goals in 22 World Cups.

After his exit from the 2022 World Cup Ronaldo can’t hold his tears and posted a heartfelt note on his Instagram account for his country, his fans around the world, and well wishers.  

He stated that “Winning the world cup for Portugal was the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career. Fortunately, I won many titles of international dimensions, including Portugal, but putting our country’s name on the highest foot in the world was my biggest dream.”

He further added that He fought hard for this dream and give his all to achieve it. Sadly, the dream has ended. Much has been said but his dedication to Portugal has never changed for a moment.

He also thanked his home country, his fans, and Qatar.

His post suggests that he might not play until the next world cup and this is his last world cup for Portugal. Though he does not succeed in achieving that highest award for his country that doesn’t make him any less than next to the greatest player in the world.

Several people, fans including Pele commented on his post to console him.

2022 overall was not a good year for Cristiano Ronaldo, in April this year he lost his newborn baby, later exited from Manchester United Club, was benched by coach Santos in the FIFA world cup, and now exit of Portugal team from the 2022 world cup after they lose quarter-finals to Morocco.

While Messi’s team Argentina qualified for the finals after winning over the Croatian team with a 3-0 score. It looks like Messy may win the Cup for his country before retiring from the international game.

After Ronaldo declared the end of the world cup dream now fans have expectations from Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. in the coming future.


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