How Mark Zuckerberg’s Most Ambitious Venture Threads Lose Half of Its Active Users Even After Bumper Launch?

Threads lose half of its active users
Image - Pixabay

Instagram’s Threads application launched earlier last month. Which set the record of gaining 100 million followers in just a span of five days beating ChatGPT’s record. But it looks like all is not well with Instagram Threads at it Lose half of its active users in just a month.

As per the news published in Business Insider Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his office staff that almost half of the users that signed in for the Threads platform stopped coming back to the platform.

After the launch of Threads, it created a sensation among Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter users and become the first application to acquire a whopping 100 million users in just 5 days surpassing the record of ChatGPT.

Threads are text-based microblogging social platforms. Some users think that Threads is just a replacement for Twitter and is a competitor to it, even Elon Musk in his tweet state that Meta’s Threads platform is nothing but a copy of tweeter.

There are several reasons that help to gain a huge number of users to threads such as Mark and Instagram’s reputation, the Unavailability of text-based feature in Instagram, easy sign-up from an Instagram account in a few clicks, current ruckus going on in Twitter lately, Easy to use interface of Threads.

But the issue is why in the world do users stop coming back to the Threads platform? Threads team must evaluate the reasons for this downfall to stay in competition.

Because Threads garnered a huge response initially, the expectation was high from Threads to become a big bang hit but it looks like users are not that much satisfied with Meta’s Threads Platform.

Lately, Twitter imposes various conditions on its user such as access to limited posts, paid verification, and various changes that happened after its acquisitions. Also, users are not very happy about Twitter showing too many sponsored ads in between posts. Collectively all of these issues

As per the news published in Business Insider, Instagram’s chef Adam Mosseri explained that It is obvious to experience some drop in users initially after the launch of a new application, but such a huge drop was not expected. Threads is new and its time is yet to come. Also, it is lacking many features such as Trending topics, Hashtags, Photo and Video sharing features, and many more like its competitor.

He further added that” We are working on adding more features to this platform to make it more user friendly and also working on other ways to hook the users by sending them frequent notifications so that they will keep returning to the platform.”

Mark Zuckerberg has experience of creating business out of nothing hence it’s not the first time him dealing with such problems. He might have prepared the road map for Threads already.