Aerospace Start up SkyRoot Launched India’s First Ever Private Rocket Vikram-S, eyeing On Affordable Satellite Launce.

Private Rocket Vikram-S
Image Credit - Pixabay

A new era has begun in India, as India’s first ever private rocket Vikram-S lifted off from ISRO’S launch site at Shrihatikota on 19 Nov 2022 at 11.30 AM.

This historic step toward the commercialization of the space industry will open a whole new door to a new industry for private players. Which eventually helps to earn more revenue and will create thousands of jobs.

The rocket is designed by Skyroot Aerospace a start-up that deals in aerospace. Skyroot Aerospace was founded by ex-ISRO engineers Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka in 2018 and backed by Singapore based Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Recently Indian government announced to open the Indian aerospace for private players and the first successful launch was achieved within 2 years after that. This is a historic day for the Indian aerospace industry.

On its launch rocket hit an altitude of 89.5 Km within the decided time hence announcing a successful launch. Indian Priminister Narendra Modi tweeted with praise.  

The Rocket was a single-stage solid fuel rocket that took two years to build. Founders claim that most of the parts from rockets were made in India. Some of the parts were 3D printed which helped in cost cutting. The rocket carried three payloads and the total weight was 545 kg as per Business Standard.

The company is eying affordable satellite launch in the coming future. Once the technology is fully developed and acquired they will take orders from other countries to launch their satellite at a minimal cost. This will help the company to generate revenue and the countries to save on the excessive cost of a satellite launch.

They are also developing technology to create reusable rockets on the ground of already established companies in this sector like SpaceX and Blue Origine.

They may have to face many competitors in the near future as several startups are working on the same technology but early in the game will turn beneficial to them.

If all their vision come true this will put India ahead of many countries in space technology.



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