Sky Cruise Plane: A Giant Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel Designed By Hashem Al Ghaili That Never Lands Winning Hearts.

sky cruise plane
Image credit - Hashem-Al-Ghaili Image source - Instagram

Image credit – Hashem-Al-Ghali.

An Arab scientist from Yemen designed a giant flying luxury hotel aka sky cruise plane that need not land on earth. It can fly for an indefinite period of time without landing on the earth to refuel and exchange passengers. It will use nuclear energy to power 20 engines of the plane.

Actually, it was originally designed by Swedish designer Tony Holmsten and reimagined and animated by Hashem-Al-Alghaili.

Recently a video by Hashem-Al-Ghaili went viral on Youtube and Instagram that explains all the features, facilities, and services that this flying hotel will provide to Its guests.

It is a concept hybrid hotel that has the features of both a hotel and an airplane and the capacity to fly for months and years contineously.

As per its designer, this luxury hotel cum airplane can host up to 5000 guests. It will have facilities like Shopping malls, sports centers, Restaurants, swimming pools, bars, children’s playgrounds, theatres, cinema halls, and sections to host events like business meetings and marriages.

Video credit – Hashem-Al-Ghaili.

It will have a 360 degree panoramic hall from which you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the outside skies.

Sky cruise plane will also have advanced medical facilities including state of the art medical equipment to tackle any medical emergencies that will happen while aboard and offcource medical team will also be there.

It will be run on autopilot mode with no carbon footprint as it uses clean nuclear energy. If anything went wrong while flying, Repairs will be done on the way, and need not land.

This mega cruise plane will receive the supply by electrically powered private plains so that this mega plane does not need to land. Onloading an offloading will also be done by there Electric Private Planes.

This sounds awesome deal to fly. Space tourism is grabbing people’s attention lately. Several companies are trying to get into it for example SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. Only future will know how far we get into this.



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