This Is Why Space Heroes Hate Elon Musk’s Idea Of SpaceX

space heros

Elon musk is now adored by people all around the world for his work on developing new age technology in the space exploration program via SpaceX and developing the electric vehicle wave through the EV venture Tesla.

However here is a catch, space heroes like Niel Armstrong and capt. Cernan hates Elon Musks’ idea of a private space exploration company.

Elon musk has been asked about this in one TV interview, He admits that it is unfortunate that they don’t like my idea. I grew up watching them and hearing their stories. They are my ideals.

Whatever I am doing today is inspired by them as they are my heroes and inspiration.

While Armstrong and  Capt. Cernan testifies about private space flight. Siting the reason for lack of experience and security issue. Also said it will cost taxpayers money.

They feel that the private sector may create a mess in Aerospace due to the lack of experience and lack of focus on innovation by private players. This may lead to failed launches or unregulated launches of Rockets and satellites.

Space heroes are also worried that giving access to private companies in aerospace industries will lead to regulatory issues and may hamper security. This may also cost taxpayers money because they will be needing government resources and subsidies.

Musk’s answer to them is his company SpaceX succeeded in developing many different types of spaceships and booster engines including reusable boosters which save millions of dollars in every launch.

His company got a huge contract of $1.2 billion from NASA. Tesla owner’s company Spacex has launched several hundreds of satellites with his reusable boosters.

Other private companies such as Blue Origin and Vergin Galactic made a successful launch and now preparing for making it big.

Though everything is going well for now United States government must not neglect the warning from space veterans and will always need to keep watch on them.

SolarCity co-founder also eying Mars’s mission and working toward it. Will the space heroes ever accept his idea of a commercial space program in the near future?



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