Twitter’s Verification Tick Mark To Relaunch Soon, But This Time It Will Be Gold, Grey and Blue Coloured.

Twitter's Verification Tick Mark

Twitter’s “Verified” Sign is a blue tick mark to relaunch soon by Twitter but this time there will be three different colors for different accounts.

As per the Washington Post, there will be three color types in the check mark i.e. Gold, grey, and blue for different types of verified accounts to indicate the different varieties of accounts differently.

Musk tweeted recently that the Gold check mark is for companies, Grey for governments, and Blue for individuals. Will help to differentiate between the verified accounts whether it is Personal or professional or institutional. As it is paid service now and anyone can buy the verification tick mark they will also put an “OFFICIAL” tag below the tick mark for special accounts.

Twitter’s verification tick mark has become the talk of the town after the recent chaos that occurred due to the rise of fake verified accounts which costs billions of dollars to several companies like Lockheed Martin. After this controversy, Tesla founder has to drop his idea of paid verification for some time.

It will be interesting to see how these tri-colored tick marks will solve the problems of fake imposters.

Elon Musk is eager to turn Twitter profitable as soon as possible after the acquisition of the microblogging platform. To achieve this asking to pay for verification is one of the schemes. But it looks like Musk will have to think about more options to make money as this subscription will only cover part of the revenue loss.

Musk further added that this time verification check mark will be added manually after checking the authenticity of the account. So that imposter won’t get a chance for any wrongdoing.

Since its inception, Twitter was the most famous Microblogging Platform among influential people, corporate companies, and government institutes. Politicians, celebrities, businessmen, company officials, and corporate employees used to use this platform to post official statements.

And users consider it authentic but since the rise of imposters, it become a big problem for users as they are confused about whom to trust.



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