Elon Musk May Start Tech War With Apple Over Twitter Ban From Apple Store.

Twitter Ban From Apple Store.
Image by pixabay.com/fancycrave

Elon Musk Reportedly claims in his recent tweet that Apple has threatened to ban the Twitter app from Apple’s app store. He further added that they did not give any reason for that and stopped promoting Twitter.

The SpaceX founder taking jibes on Tim Cook and Apple in his style with single liner tweets. He tweeted quoting Tim Cook, “What Is Going On here”. As Apple is not giving any explanation for stopping the promotion on Twitter.

Musk in his tweet said that ” Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?”. Not only that Apple also threatened to hold Twitter from their play store.

Moderation may be the reason responsible for Apple’s no-cooperation with Twitter as they want to comply with their user policies as per the news published in the Guardian. This means twitters new policies are the reason that is bothering Apple and they indirectly want to reinstate the older version of the policy or make changes to it according to them.

Trouble started after Musk ask to pay for verified account holders and announce to reinstate of the few banned accounts. After hush hush buy of Twitter Elon Musk wants to make several changes in the policy of use and in the user interface of Twitter to make it a profitable company and to let people express themselves freely on it.

Musk claims that he is working toward developing free speech in the united nations. He believes that not accepting Twitter’s free speech policy may lead to tyranny in the future. Apple is yet to give any open statement on this topic.

Like Apple, several people including celebrities think that Twitter’s new take is not a good move. Some of them threaten to live the Twitter.

If advertisers like Apple and other big players stop advertising on Twitter may lead to revenue loss for Twitter and Musk has to think again about his moves if he wanted to make this company profitable.

What if both Apple and Google App Store put a ban on Twitter? Will Elon Musk develop an alternate system to combat them or will he agree to policy moderation? Only time will tell.



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