Indian Aerospace Startups Quietly Making It Big In The Aerospace Industry.

Indian Aerospace Startups
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After the successful launch of Vikram-S Rocket by Skyroot Aerospace on November 19th this year, the eyes of the world turned toward the Indian aerospace industry. No doubt Indian government-operated aerospace institute ISRO did a tremendous job in the aerospace industry in recent times but what is more interesting here is that Indian aerospace starts up’s are making big in the aerospace industry.

Only recently Indian government decided to open the Indian aerospace industry to private players. And more and more startups are coming into play to make their mark in this sector.

Skyroot Aerospace Launched India’s first ever private Rocket successfully. That cost much lesser than those rockets made by private companies around the world.

The Skyroot Aerospace founders got applause from several people including Prime Minister and President. Now they are working on their next launch VIKRAM-1 soon. VIKRAM-1 will have higher targets than the older counterpart.

The founder of Skyroot Aerospace said they are working on developing reusable Rockets on the ground the SpaceX to cut the cost of launch. Their goal is to make satellite launches in space more affordable.

Another remarkable Aerospace Tech Startup is Agnikul Cosmos. Agnikul Was founded by ex-IITans Srinath Ravichandran and Moin SPM after getting seed funding of 3 cr. INR.

Agnikul developed the first Privately operated Launch Pad and Mission Control Centre with the help of ISRO and the Indian Government in Sriharikota at Satish Dhavan Space Center this year.

Agnikul Also working on the development of its own Rockets that will be able to launch Satellites of around 100kg into the Lower Earth Orbit. For example, Agnibaan. Agnibaan is their most ambitious project.

Agnibaan is a two stage launch vehicle with a total payload carrying capacity of 14000kg which will shoot the satellites in the lower orbit. It will be using a 3D printed Rocket plus engine as a whole as Agnikul has a patent and license to develop a 3D printed single piece engine.

Before working on Agniban they test fired single stage semi-cryogenic engine Rocket named Agnilet from Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launch Station (TERLS) At Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in 2021.

There are several other Indian Aerospace startups in the primary stage of development such as Bellatrix Aerospace, Pixxel, and Dhruva Space.


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